United Arab Emirates Postcode Location Abu Dhabi Postcode [What is Postcode] (2023)

While postcodes from postcodes in any other country are easy and well documented, finding the UAE postcode can be a little tricky. In the United Arab Emirates, buildings use a special MAKANI number instead of the Abu Dhabi postcode.

Have you ever tried to fill out a mailing form for a letter or parcel and wondered what to put in the Abu Dhabi Postal Code field? Let's talk in detail about UAE post code and how to find the specific post code for your region.

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What is zip code?

A zip code is an American Postal Service (USPS) zip code. The basic structure introduced in 1963 consists of five main digits. In 1983, an extended zip code +4 was introduced, containing the five digits of the zip code, supported by a hyphen and four digits identifying a more accurate address (USPS). Within theUnited States of America, Postcodes identify defined delivery areas. Many countries have similar codes that are commonly recognized as postcodes. Within a country, these sequence valves are delivery areas.

ZIP is a zone advantage of the product acronym. However, the USPS deliberately chose the acronym to prove that mail flies faster when senders and recipients label their packages or envelopes with a zip code. The zip code is meaningfully correlated with the zip code meaning "alive" or "peppy".

These authorized senders, including a specific residence or apartment buildinggive a more precise location. Indeed which section or side of the road is indicated by the last two numbers. This improved accuracy was also needed with the proliferation of mailboxes. When it comes toUAE postcode, it does not follow this system, and the pin code of Abu Dhabi and all other postcodes in UAE is 00000 or N/A.

What is Abu Dhabi pin code?

The UAE does not follow a postal code system and therefore no region, city or area in the UAE has a PIN code or postal code to identify the areas with a single number or code. So, for any region in UAE, the post code is like Abu Dhabi post code – 00000 or N/A.

Why is the zip code important?

Retailers collect zip codes from customers and can protect against fraud. It also helps users to protect their data from being collected by anyone without their consent.

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ZIP codes not only represent and describe the location of a place, but their uses are endless. They have now become social markers - they provide knowledge about the population of a particular area. Industries use zip codes to provide a visual picture of their community as essential data structures.

With this knowledge, companies make important marketing decisions, such as: B. the closure and opening ofbusinesses, introduction of new goods or services and distribution of sales details to regions. Zip codes are simple, important, correct and reliable.ZIP codes are also required for every business and organization.

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How do I know what my zip code is?

Do you know your correct address in detail? If you know your address in detail, it will not be a problem for you to find out your zip code. There are some shops and online platforms that will find your zip code for you if you type in the address, and also services that give zip codes for each area very quickly.

Wikipedia may also contain information about the format of the zip code (letter, number or a combination). After searching your country's postcode list, you can use the CTRL + F combination on your keyboard to search your postcode.Just type your area name in the search box that appears after pressing CTRL+F and hit enter and this feature will highlight your area and zip codes from the long list of zip codes.

You can visit this website more easily to look up your zip code:US ZIP Code 5 plus.The advanced search function on this website is so fast and fluid that it will give you a satisfactory solution immediately.

You must enter your zip code for your timeline. You have the option to look up the zip codes of the areas you wish to visit. The best part is that you can look it up very easilythe zip code of DubaI with this tool.

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Postcode United Arab Emirates Location Abu Dhabi Postcode :

Have you ever tried to fill out a shipping form and were confused about what to put in the "Postcode Abu Dhabi?“ In the UAE and some of its provinces, likeAbu Dhabi Postcode, no zip code scheme seems to be used, which is why00000is used asthe zip code of Abu Dhabi.

So if you live in Hamdan Street and try to find outAbu Dhabi Hamdan street zip code, you are just wasting your time. Same with Madinat Zayed zip code, you can't find the code. Actually all areas inAbu Dhabihave a similar postal code in Abu Dhabi.

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If you wish to receive mail from the local post office, you can request a PO Box. Crate. This is a system used by others as wellGulf and Middle Eastnations. This system eliminates the need to find out and locateAbu Dhabi post code or Abu Dhabi PIN code if you are located there.

The mailbox service does not apply to companies and individuals. The tenants can register for the annual fee for the mailbox. And the boxes will be placed in clusters at numerous locations in the community. Personal emails are usually sent immediately after confirmation of identity.

Banks and utilities primarily use postal systems but are still declining as use of online/mobile services increases. If you want to send a letter to an individual or a company in the United Arab Emirates, ask for their PO Box number and post it. People usually use P.O. Cipher numbers for their jobs, but there are exceptions.

couriers inThe UAE relies on a mobile phone numberan individual to distribute their products or packages. Therefore, the most important thing for you is that you have your phone number with you. It is noteworthy that the UAE does not use street addresses. So, in this completely unique system, finding an address by its postcode in the UAE is really difficultAbu Dhabi area code.Here is how to find Abu Dhabi Post Code 2022 below.

United Arab Emirates Postcode of SharjahPostal code:

Sharjah localitypostal code
Abu Sangara Postcode Sharjah00000
Adh Dhayd, Dubai postal code00000
Al But, zip code uae00000
al qasimia zip code00000
rolla sharjah zip code00000
Post code of Sharjah Abu Shagara00000
Al Butina, United Arab Emirates postal code00000
Al Darrare, Abu Dhabi postal code00000
Al Dhaid Postcode of Sharjah00000
Al Fallaj, Abu Dhabi postal code00000
Al Fayha, United Arab Emirates Postcode00000
Al Ghuhaiba, Postleitzahl Abu Dhabi00000
Al Ghuwair, Dubai Post Code00000
AL Ghafiya, Abu Dhabi Postleitzahl00000
Al Goaz, postal code of Dubai00000
Al Hamriyah, Postleitzahl Abu Dhabi00000
Al Hawayah, United Arab Emirates postal code00000
Al Hayrah, VAE Postleitzahl Abu Dhabi00000
Al Hazana, United Arab Emirates postcodes00000
AL Suburb Constitution00000
Al Hutain00000
Al Jazzat00000
Al Khabba00000
AL Khaildia suburb00000
Al Khan00000
Al Khouzamiya00000
Al madam00000
Al Mahatah00000
Al Majaz00000
Al Malaiha00000
Al Mazer00000
Al Manakh00000
Al Marijah00000
Al Nahda 100000
Al Nahda 200000
Al Naserya00000
Al Nud00000
Al Nujoom Islands00000
Al-Qusais Industrial Zone 100000
Al-Qusais Industrial Zone 300000
Al Rafi'a 100000
Sharjah Butina Post Code00000
al ghubaiba zip code00000

Abu Dhabi ZIP Code 49153

As far as I know, numeric postcodes do not exist for many nations, and only ISO postcodes are available. Zimbabwe is Z.W., especially. The UAE follow the same rule.

The Chairman of Sharjah Urban Planning Council,Sheikh Khalid bin SultanAl Qasimi has revealed the launch of the pilot phase of operation of the postal code system in Sharjah. The proposal is scheduled to start on October 1 and will be rolled out in the Al Majaz-2 and Rahmaneh-5 areas in cooperation with the Department of Coordination and Survey and the Emirates Post Community.

The adoption ofPostcode system in Sharjahwould contribute to the improvement of postal services in the Emirates, as stated by His Highness Dr. Arranged by Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. Here is the postcode of Sharjah-

Sharjah area – 00000 (Postcode of Sharjah)

What is the Postal Code of Ajman, United Arab Emirates?

First, let me introduce you to Ajman. It is a small region of United Arab Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates, it is the State of the Emirates of Ajman. Ajman is the country's fifth most important city after Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.

In the UAE, Ajman, the smallest emirate is surrounded by the larger emirate of Sharjah.Ajman has a postcodeor ZIP code 00000 or N/A. The UAE and all of its states have a system called Makani. Similar to the UAE postcode, there are no postcodes in the cities of Ajman.

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What is the postal code of Abu Dhabi Mussafah?

Mussafah is an agricultural area in the United Arab Emirates in the southwest of Abu Dhabi. Like all other areas and regions of the UAE,The zip code of Mussafah is 00000 or N/A.

Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi Post Code

The UAE does not have to use postcodes. Luckily, you can use 00000 if you need to enter the zip code when posting. If you reside in Hamdan Street, your Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi zip code is 00000 or N/A and you must use a PO Box to receive mail and parcels.

Abu Dhabi Postcode51133

Like all other areas in the UAE, there is no post code in Abu Dhabi that you need to enter in the form when any website or form asks for post code, pin code or zip code. So if you search for Abu Dhabi zip code 51133 you cannot find any area of ​​Abu Dhabi.

Applications that use a GPS navigator equipped with the QR. each building is connected. code is somewhat similar to the postcode function, and this latest addressing system is called Onwani.

How do you apply for a P.O. Box in Abu Dhabi?

There is no unique Abu Dhabi zip code that can be listed for distribution if one of your overseas customers intends to ship something to you. They send them a P.O. Box code instead.

Mailbox boxes are usually stored in a different building or sometimes in a different location than the company's location. Emirates Post allows you to select the closest of the available active locations. There are mainly four types of P.O.

Mein Heim: Residents of villas can get recommendations to their post office in their villas through this package. The postal worker finds "My Home" p.o. box via GPS for this convenient mail delivery service up to three days a week. "My Home" customers receive a 10% discount on their international service, monthly mail updates and Internet mail. AED 750 is the annual fee for this type of mailboxes. Crate.

Mein Haus: Users of "My building" can receive their mail from their respective mailbox. Box on the site of the apartment building. In addition to the Internet connection to the mailbox, users receive a weekly SMS message about sent emails. AED 450 is the annual fee for this type.

Mein area: If the customers don't need to send their mail far away, this is the right choice for them. My region sends mail to the mailbox. boxing in suburban communities. Users are notified of the received letter via SMS every week. My zone type of mailboxes cost AED 300 per year.

The basic P.O. my box: Packaging services allow postal items to be forwarded directly to the relevant PO box. boxes at the post office of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is a zip code and PIN code saAns

Answer:There is a straight line between the zip code and the zip code. However, they are used to route and sort mail and decide how long and how much mail is carried. Not every nation has a zip code, i. H. some states use the zip code instead.

Q: What is the Visa card zip code?

Answer:The Visa credit card zip code is usually just the zip code of the cardholder's actual phone number. Zip codes do not appear on Visa credit cards, so you can double check a Visa card zip code by scanning the credit card manufacturer's numeric and mailed billing records.

Q: What zip code should I use if a country doesn't use zip codes?

Answer:You should try to get the address by substituting "00000" forPostcode Abu Dhabiif you're in an authentication error for a country that doesn't use postcodes. There will be no complications because of this wrong zip code.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully now you have learned many things from this article and got a clear idea about UAE Post CodeAbu Dhabi Postcode. I want you to give me feedback that will inspire me to write more informative content.


What is the postcode of Abu Dhabi? ›

Abu Dhabi Postal Code Area Start With A
MunicipalityDistrict Name – EnPOSTAL CODE
Abu DhabiAbu Al Abyad Island20900
Abu DhabiAbu Al Habl Island23013
Abu DhabiAbu Al Habl Island23036
Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Industrial City20300
92 more rows

What is the postcode for United Arab Emirates? ›

There isn't anywhere in Dubai or UAE that uses a zip code or postcode for mail delivery. Try 00000 if you are forced to use one. Confusion arises because all UAE mail is delivered to a PO Box, e.g. "Somebody, PO Box 12345, Dubai, UAE".

What is Abu Dhabi postal code 2022? ›

There is no Zip code/Postal code in the UAE. You can simply state N/A or 00000 where it is required to do so.

What is a postal code answer? ›

A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

Are all postal codes 5 digits? ›


United States ZIP codes are five numerical digits long. ZIP+4 codes, also known as add-on or plus-four codes, include four additional digits that identify a geographic segment within a ZIP code delivery area.

How to get my postcode? ›

How to know your postal code
  1. Visit postcode.com.ng homepage.
  2. Click on the state you're located in.
  3. Select your local government.
  4. Search for your town.

How do I address mail to UAE? ›

All mail must include the full address, including the addressee's post office box number, the relevant emirate (e.g., Dubai), and the country name “United Arab Emirates.” All mail must display the addressee's mobile telephone number and email address, if available.

What is the postal code of Dubai 2022? ›

Dubai does not have any equivalent ZIP or postal code. The post office box number that is used in Emirates does not correspond to any geographic locations. Instead, these are numbered mailboxes that residents can use to collect their mail.

What is the zip code of Dubai 2022? ›

Dubai postal code is “00000” as well as Dubai Zip Code is also ''00000'' and the fact behind this number is the same. now you can answer if anybody wants to know about the Postal code of Dubai UAE or Dubai Zip Code you'll advise him to write down five zeros as a symbolic effect.

Does USPS ship to Abu Dhabi? ›

USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx are all major international carriers that ship from the US to Dubai and are trustworthy. Below is a list of shipping options from these carriers.

What is the 3 letter code for Abu Dhabi? ›

AE - United Arab Emirates (the)

What is a postal code example? ›

The standard ZIP code notation used by the United States Postal service uses five digits to identify a delivery area. An example of a standard US ZIP code is 90210.

What do I fill in postal code? ›

Structure of Pin Code/Postal Code

The first digit represents the region in India. The second digit is the sub-region, while the third digit is the sorting district. The last three digits represent the particular post office within the district.

What are the first 3 digits of a postal code? ›

The first three characters of the postal code (alphanumeric combination of "ANA") form the forward sortation area (FSA). This is defined as follows: The forward sortation area (FSA) represents a specific area within a major geographic region or province.

What do the last 3 digits of a postal code mean? ›

Two segments make up a postal code: Forward Sortation Area (FSA) and Local Delivery Unit (LDU). The FSA is a combination of three characters (alpha-numeric-alpha). It identifies a major geographic area in an urban or a rural location. The LDU is a combination of three characters (numeric-alpha-numeric).

How long is postal code in USA? ›

A 5-digit number that identifies a particular postal delivery area in the United States.

Are all postcodes 4 digits? ›

Postcodes are used in Australia to sort and send mail to the correct address. All postcodes in Australia have four numerals and are placed at the end of the address.

What is ZIP Code address? ›

What is a zip code/postal code? In the United States of America a zipcode is five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail. There are currently about 43,000 zipcode.

Is postcode the same as zip code? ›

Unlike postal codes, which can contain a mixture of numbers and letters, zip codes only contain a combination of numeric values. Regardless of their name or structure, most countries leverage a coding system—whether a zip code, postal code, or other structure—to ensure the rapid and efficient delivery of mail to users.

How does USPS deliver in UAE? ›

Yes, USPS delivers to the United Arab Emirates. They offer several methods including USPS ePacket, USPS Priority, USPS Express.

How do I send a post to Dubai? ›

You can purchase stamps at any post office and send letters and parcels within and outside of Dubai. There is also an express mail service and a registered mail service available.

How do I send a parcel from USA to UAE? ›

  1. SMSA Express: 8-14 days.
  2. FedEx Intl Connect: 6-12 days.
  3. Budget Economy: 5-10 days.
  4. FedEx Economy: 2-5 days.
  5. FedEx Priority: 1-3 days.
  6. DHL Express: 1-4 days.
  7. UPS Expedited: 2-8 days.
  8. UPS Worldwide Saver: 1-4 days.

Does UPS deliver to Abu Dhabi? ›

With UPS, you get an expansive network that has more delivery options to UAE than other carriers. And we offer the speed that can help you get to places faster helping youclaim more of the market as your own.

Does FedEx deliver to Abu Dhabi? ›

FedEx in the United Arab Emirates

Our infrastructure gives your business the fastest access to customers in the U.A.E. With operations based in Dubai, including a pre-clearance facility, FedEx offers you access to all seven emirates and other Middle Eastern markets.

How long does it take to ship from Dubai to USA? ›

A typical shipment from the UAE to the US will arrive in 38-59 days. That is why you need to consider the type of goods you want to import, as ocean freight is not suitable for goods with a short expiry date.

What is a 3 letter code? ›

The International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Location Identifier is a unique 3-letter code (also commonly known as IATA code) used in aviation and also in logistics to identify an airport. For example, JFK is the IATA code for, you might know it, New York's John F.

Is Abu Dhabi in Dubai? ›

Despite their name similarities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not refer to the same place. Under The United Arab Emirates, these territories are two independent Emirates (UAE). There are seven Emirates in total: What is this?

Do all airports have 3 letter codes? ›

After all, every official airport in the world—from the largest, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), to the smallest, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport on the Caribbean island of Saba (SAB)—is assigned a three-letter code.

What is the PO Box number of Abu Dhabi? ›

Abu Dhabi Central Post Office, Madinat Zayed, PO Box 3838-111188, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Which country zip code is 23401? ›

When asked to fill the Nigeria zip code or postal code in a form, what you should use are: 110001, 23401 or 00176.


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