The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (2023)

If you try to send one car from one place to another, the process can feel discouraging.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be.

In fact, it can be simple and easy.

You just have to find the right transport company.

List of car traffic companies list

If you are looking for the best transport companies, you should consider a little help from our side.

Some of the best car transport companies in 2020 are not in any particular order here.

Sherpa is one of the most popular car transport companies, thousands of customers trust and love their service.

Sherpa offers door-to-door picking and delivery services. Get an offer easily online without fees.

With your price blocking function, make sure that the offer you receive is the offer you pay.

The company also offers free car wash at the time of delivery.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (6)


  • Offers door-to-door service
  • Offers free car wash
  • Updated information on the website
  • Price blocking function for all offers


  • The website lacks insurance details

ESHIP offers safe options for closed carriers and does not require any deposit in advance.

Send every vehicle - cars, bicycles and boats - with your shipping services.

ESHIP offers free insurance and a personal representative for all programs. To round off the whole thing, they also offer free quotes.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (12)


  • Secure closed carrier method
  • Sending all types of vehicles
  • Free insurance
  • Free quotes
  • Personal representative who is assigned to every order.


  • Updated information is missing on the website.


The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (13)

Overall rating5/5

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (14) reviews Rev. #2 website Check the trust

Getcarrier Auto Transport is one of the best rated car transport companies.

Perhaps its best feature is an entire marketplace with all the top car companies.

If you only fill out one request for an offer, you will receive offers from all these companies! A lot is right around the corner.

All you need is to choose the best that you like.

As simple as that!

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (18)


  • Every vehicle shipping
  • Faster and simple service
  • Very informative website blog
  • Extended marketplace
  • Best cost guarantee
  • The top assessed company of customer reviews.


  • Does not offer customer service around the clock.

#4 Bargain car transport

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (19)

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Bargain car transport offers door-to-door collection and delivery.

They specialize in the transport of heavy vehicles, which means that they can easily deal with their with their ease. Bargain requires a small deposit in advance before providing service.

They also offer tracking services.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (23)


  • Collection and delivery from door to door
  • Transports heavy vehicles
  • Offers tracking services


  • First down payment required.

#5 Amerifreight

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (24)

Overall rating4.8/5

Amerifreight is another great car transport company that offers transit and delivery from door to door.

Amerifreight does not require any deposit in advance.

The best thing is that you offer students, seniors and emergency services to members.

The average cost of transporting a four-door sedan is between $ 495 and $ 1,300.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (29)


  • Offers good discounts for students, seniors and emergency services members.
  • Better insurance plan with two days of damage after delivery
  • Great guideline for the price for the matching


  • Insurance policies are not available on the website.

#6 Budgettransport

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (30)

Budget transports a variety of vehicles, including cars, bicycles and boats.

They offer a service from door to door and vehicle tracking.

The budget also guarantees damage -free delivery, which may be the most important factor as a vehicle owner.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (34)


  • Simple rough estimates without personal information
  • Simple pick-up and delivery options
  • The website is often updated and offers all the necessary information


  • Needs personal information for a current offer

Uship offers its customers wonderful transport services.

You can send and offer international shipping anywhere in the USA.

The average price for sending a vehicle at a distance of 200 miles is 584 US dollars. The shipping for 1,000 miles costs about 780 US dollars.

The USIM also offers freight insurance.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (40)


  • Send internationally
  • Send all types of vehicles
  • Offer an open and closed carrier service
  • Simple quotes from different providers


  • List of closed airlines not offered

#8 A-1 Autotransport

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (41)

Overall rating4.8/5

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A1 Auto Transport is another popular transport company that efficiently transports cars, trucks and motorcycles. They offer door-to-door shipping services.

A1 offers both domestic and international shipping.

The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (46)


  • Offers door-to-door pick-up and delivery services
  • Transport cars, motorcycles and boats
  • Specialized in luxury and antique cars
  • Offer international shipping
  • Full insurance


  • Do not indicate enough information online

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  • 1. What are car transport companies - how they work?
  • 2. Why use car shipping services?
  • 3. How much does car transport company calculate?
  • 4. Transportmethoden
  • 5. Car transport company - advantages and disadvantages
  • 6. Factors that influence the automatic transport offers
  • 7. FAQs

    What are car transport companies - how they work?

    Car transport companies send or transport your vehicle from one place to another.

    These vehicles can be everything from a motorcycle to cars, ships, trucks and boats, but not all companies will move all of these vehicles.

    Some companies offer international shipping services in addition to domestic transport.

    They make it easier to move your personal vehicles to different goals.

    Take a look at the bestCarboningandMotorcycle shippingCompanies.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (47)

    Working transport companies by picking up your vehicle, loading onto a freight forwarder and then shipping to the location you have selected.

    Most of these companies offer door-to-door picking and delivery services.

    You can pick up your vehicle from any location.

    Plan your shipping details according to your wishes.

    Discuss your wishes with the representative of your selected transport company and ensure that you are satisfied.

    Why use car shipping services?

    Many people are skeptical whether they should use car shipping services, but most of their concerns are poorly founded.

    Here are some of the reasons to consider car transport services:

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (48)

    Top reasons for the use of car shipping services:

    1) Move multiple cars

    It is easy to drive one car from one place to another. If you want to pull more than one car, you need a transport company that can do this for you.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (49)

    The right transport company will safely move your car or cars to your desired destination.

    2) move an expensive car

    If you are the owner of an expensive or luxurious car, you cannot simply take the risk of exposing your car any wear.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (50)

    A car transport company reduces the risk by safely sending your car to a freight forwarder. It is not necessary to unnecessarily improve the kilometers of your car.

    3) go on vacation

    When you go on vacation, you can easily enjoy your own car to enjoy all the things that your destination offers.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (51)

    (Here are someCool Customized VW Vans Fotos))

    A car transport company ensures that you get the best out of your vacation by bringing your car to you.

    4) Moving to a different state

    If you permanently switch from one condition to another, it is difficult to move your car and all your other personal objects at the same time.

    Therefore, rent a car service that can move your vehicles while editing all other properties.

    How much does car transport company calculate?

    Knowing how much it will cost to send your car is probably the top question in your head.

    The costs for sending a car from one place to the other depend on many factors such as the removal covered, the type of vehicle, the ship's time, etc.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (52)

    The further you want your car to be sent, the more it costs.

    On average, most car pumping companies charge around $ 600 to $ 1 to move a four-door sedan, and in a similar way, an SUV can cost around $ 800 to $ 1,070 across the country.

    You can find this for estimated prices for motorcycle shippingArticle.


    Car transport companies usually use two types of transport methods from which you can choose: Open-Air Transport and Funded Transport Transport.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (53)

    Open Air -Transport

    This is the most popular and affordable way to transport a vehicle.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (54)

    Open-air transport has several advantages, but these are also associated with a few disadvantages.


    The biggest advantage of using the open-air transport is that it is very inexpensive.

    The open-air airlines are much cheaper than the closed carriers because they can carry up to 10 cars at the same time. The shipping of several vehicles lowered the additional fees that are shipped when sending a vehicle.

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    Another advantage of choosing an open-air support method is that they are constantly easily available.

    Even if you want to move a car at the last minute, you will probably easily find an open-air transport option.

    If your car is damaged during the shipping process, you will also be notified immediately because open airlines are well monitored by the drivers.


    Open-air airlines have some problems. The biggest disadvantage of this method is the lack of roof protection and a safe siding.

    Since there is an open trailer, your car is exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, hard sun, storms, etc.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (55)

    These conditions endanger your car and not only from the weather. Street waste can also spray and damage your vehicle.

    Since Open -Air airlines move many cars at the same time, there is more opportunities for delays in their delivery.

    On average, you can expect about 10 to 15 days of delay when your vehicle is delivered in a group.

    In addition, the delivery from door to door is not always secured with an open-air support method.

    Therefore, you may have to pick up your vehicle from the point where it is delivered.

    Including the carrier transport

    With a closed air rack method, your car will be sent to a closed trailer.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (56)

    Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this transport method below.


    The biggest advantage of choosing a closed air carrier is the security it offers.

    These carriers protect their car from various weather conditions, road conditions and all types of ruins.

    If you plan to send your vehicle in cool winters, you should select this method because it protects your car from snow, ice and every salt placed on the streets.

    With a closed carrier, you do not have to worry about potential theft. They are closely locked up to ensure protection against accidents, elements and malicious intentions.

    Finally, the additional advantage of the closed air racks is that you don't have to wait as long for delivery.

    These airlines usually only move four to five cars at the same time, so delays are rare and they can expect their car to be delivered on time.


    The only disadvantage when choosing a closed carrier is the expensive price.

    The closed transport transport is not so affordable, which is deterred by most potential customers.

    Fewer cars that are sent mean higher total costs for shipping per unit.

    Another open transport method is towing. Look at thatArticleTo learn more about it.

    Car transport company - advantages and disadvantages

    No matter how advantageous a car transport company seems to be, no company is perfect and everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

    These advantages and disadvantages play a very important role in choosing the best transport service for moving your car.

    There are many factors to consider before the services of a car transport company are taken over.

    By learning these advantages and disadvantages, make the right decisions that make you to the right company.

    Professionals of car transport companies

    The selection of the best transport company has many advantages.

    The car transport makes it very easy to send your vehicle to the desired location without concern or inconvenience.

    The right company makes your move stress -free without worrying that you will move your vehicle safely.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (57)

    These are some of the main advantages when choosing the best car transport companies:

    #1 You facilitate the transit

    Moving a vehicle requires a lot of effort and is often stressful.

    You have to assert yourself a lot of stress to ensure that the vehicle is safely transported.

    In the meantime, you also have to manage your personal workload, which can be frustrating.

    If you set a reliable service, take this load off your shoulders.

    #2 You ensure security

    Auto transport services ensure the safety of your vehicle during the move.

    Security is the reason why the majority of people prefer vehicle transport services instead of driving their cars themselves.

    Choosing the right company means not worrying about possible damage and risks.

    #3 You prevent wear

    Driving a vehicle for large routes can cause damage by increasing its mileage.

    The risk of damage becomes higher if your vehicle is older and has a higher mileage

    Driving under such conditions is very risky.

    Long -distance trips not only damage the vehicle, but also affects its quality.

    The best car transport companies avoid these risks by moving your vehicle without having to drive it.

    #4 You insure insurance

    Since we mainly focus on the best companies, most of them offer insurance for the vehicles that they transport.

    Get compensation for all losses that the vehicle arise during transport.

    In this way, you are guaranteed that you will not be liable for damage when moving your vehicle.

    #5 You reduce the total transport costs

    If you believe that vehicle shipping services are expensive, you are wrong!

    In reality, the costs for moving a vehicle with a transport service are much lower than the total costs that occur in gas and accommodation while moving itself.

    #6 You save valuable time

    The hiring of the best shipping company saves you a lot of time, especially for remote transports.

    (Video) How to get carriers as a freight dispatcher!!!

    Instead of taking several trips to master both your car and your other things, let your vehicle send you to hit your goal.

    Disadvantages of car transport companies

    As we already mentioned, nothing is perfect.

    Everything comes with his own advantages and disadvantages.

    Now that they are aware of the advantages of the best transport companies, it is the right time to examine their disadvantages.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (58)

    Here are the disadvantages of setting car transport companies:

    #1 Delay in delivery

    Since the transport process is not controlled and directed by you, there is no guarantee that your vehicle will be delivered at the right time.

    While the top companies are trying to send them according to their schedule, they sometimes do not fulfill their promises.

    Since they send many vehicles at the same time, delays are expected.

    #2 Potential risk of damage

    Everything is naturally dangerous. Regardless of the precaution, to ensure maximum security, there is always the possibility of an accident.

    Even car transport companies cannot guarantee absolute security.

    Always make sure that you have insurance for your vehicle when setting a transport company.

    #3 fraudulent services

    Finally, some fraudulent specialists calculate much higher amounts than the actual prices.

    You do this by adding several hidden fees to your package.

    You will attract them first by offering strong discounts before they secretly add additional changes at the time of delivery.

    Avoid companies with mostly negative reviews.

    Always make sure that you research the original prices and try to look for a price blocking guarantee.

    Self -transport

    Price offers from car transport services depend on a number of factors.

    They also vary from companies.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (59)

    (Sometimes the easiest way tooGet a free quote here is here) 🙂

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (60)

    (Bang!Insanely simple))

    Some of the most common factors that affect pricing include:

    The type and weight of your vehicle

    The price that you are calculated for the shift of your vehicle depends on its model and size.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (61)

    Tesla costs a little higher)

    Car wages have a fixed stop capacity.

    The heavier your vehicle is, the more expensive it is to send.


    The transport requirements are usually higher in summer, especially between the day of the commemoration and the working day.

    At this time it is common for companies to calculate more for their services.

    If you move in the low season, you may get some good discounts.

    The distance between the locations

    If the distance between the source and the target is longer, the fees are higher.

    Factors such as work, fuel costs and other expenses contribute to the total transport costs.

    The top 8 car transport companies [2022] - Getcarrier (62)

    So if you plan to move away (likeCalifornia) or another country, then the shipping costs are higher

    Take a look at our articleCar shipping across the country

    The insurance offered

    Many car transport companies offer their customers free insurance and cover all damage during the shipping process.

    If you want additional security, in most cases you have to purchase an additional guideline that increases your invoice.


    The price offer depends on whether you use an open-air support method or a closed carrier method, as mentioned above.


    How do I find the best car transport company near me?

    Make sure that it is licensed and reliable. For this purpose, find some research. Go through your online reviews and try to extract as much information as possible.You examine the Ministry of TransportFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's'sWebsite.

    What are the average costs for sending a car?

    The cost of sending a car depends on factors such as the type and weight of the vehicle, the distance, the season, etc.It costs more for shipping long distances and less for shorter distances.

    Which method should I choose to send my vehicle?

    If you select a method depending on the budget. If you are looking for an inexpensive transport method, the open-air carrier is the best option. If you would like additional security and faster delivery, a closed carrier is best for you.

    Is it okay to send my car by packing another luggage?

    It depends on the guidelines of your transport company. Many companies with open-air transport transport cannot send the customer a loaded car due to weight restrictions, but there are some companies that allow the same to be the same.Representative.

    Is it necessary to buy an insurance policy from a car transport company?

    According to the laws, it is of crucial importance for a transport company. All shipowners have an insurance policy. Always check your company's insurance policy and know what you cover.Additional insurance a good option if you want additional security and security.

    Do all transport companies offer the selection and delivery on the doorstep?

    The majority of car transport companies offer their customers pick-up and delivery services, but they calculate this service. If it does not matter to pay extra, you can choose the service from door to door. Determined companies offer these services free of charge.So ask your representative for additional services and how much you cost.

    What should I do if my vehicle is damaged during transport?

    (Video) Mock Carrier Calls and Mock Broker Load Booking

    Nothing can be done against the damage. However, if you delay this by selecting the right airlines and buying insurance policies, you will help you recover from the loss.

    How do you transport a car in California? What are the best services?

    Here is the answer!Best car traffic companies in California in 2020.


    Is GetCarrier auto transport legit? ›

    Is legit? GetCarrier is a legitimate car shipping broker. In fact, it has some of the highest customer ratings of any auto transporter in the industry, with averages of 4.6 stars on the BBB website and 4.7 stars on Trustpilot.

    How do I know if a transport company is legit? ›

    Check for licenses

    All car shipping companies have to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA will issue them with a motor carrier number. If an auto transport company doesn't have this number, they're not authorized to operate.

    What is the number 1 auto transport company in the US? ›

    After 300 hours of research, we found that the best car shipping companies in 2022 are #1 Montway Auto Transport, #2 Sherpa Auto Transport, #3 SGT Auto Transport, #4 American Auto Shipping, #5 AmeriFreight, #6 uShip, and #7 Easy Auto Ship.

    What is the cheapest company to ship your car? ›

    We found that the best cheap car shipping companies are Easy Auto Ship, Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, and uShip.

    Is montway shipping good? ›

    Montway Auto Transport is a reputable auto shipping brokerage with access to a network of over 15,000 auto transport carriers which enables the company to offer customers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Founded in 2006, Montway was named one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. 5000 in 2021.


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