The 10 Largest Cities in Texas - (2023)

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The 10 Largest Cities in Texas - (2)

Thinking of moving to Texas? From the sprawling metropolis of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to the sprawling urban landscape of the Houston area, Texas is home to many of America's largest and fastest growing cities. In fact, the Lone Star State is home to four cities with populations greater than one million, 36 cities with populations between 100,000 and one million, and 198 cities with populations between 10,000 and 100,000Retrospective of the world population. Thanks to the ever-growing number of new arrivals, Texas is currently the second most populous state in the country. Not sure which Texas city is right for you? Below we've included a list of the 10 largest cities in Texas along with notes on population growth from World Population Review and current housing data from

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  1. Houston

    Houston happens to be one of the cheapest major cities in America. In fact, residents of the Houston area enjoy an exceptionally low cost of living, along with top-notch public schools, affordable real estate, sunny weather, and a host of big-city amenities. Houston recently became 11ththbest big city in america ofresonance adviceannual study.

    Notes on population growth:Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. From 2011 to 2012, the city gained over 34,000 residents, "that was the second largest numerical increase for a city in the country".
    Average property price for the listing:287.500 $

  2. Saint Anthony

    San Antonio's Spanish-style architecture, historic charm, and many cultural attractions make it one of the most interesting places in America to call home. The second largest city in Texas is also known for its tasty dining scene, thriving job market and affordable neighborhoods.

    Notes on population growth:San Antonio's positive growth is due to the influx of new residents from other countries and US states, as well as the city's particularly high birth rate.
    Average property price for the listing:247.000 $

  3. Dallas

    While the cost of living in Dallas is higher than many other Texas cities, residents will tell you that living in The Big D is worth the extra expense. The cosmopolitan city is home to both a thriving city center and many family-friendly neighborhoods. Residents enjoy a high quality of life with excellent schools, a wealth of cultural attractions and a strong local economy.

    Notes on population growth:The Dallas-Fort Worth region is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. The region's population has more than doubled in the last 30 years.
    Average property price for the listing:376.900 $

  4. Austin

    need a job Pack your bags and head to Austin. The fourth largest city in Texas is also one of the best places for job seekers. Austin's strong tech sector, booming local economy, and high percentage of millennials make it an excellent city for young professionals and families.

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    Notes on population growth:World Population Review notes that Austin is currently the fastest growing city in the United States.
    Average property price for the listing:436.200 $

  5. Fort Worth

    The fifth-largest city in Texas contributes to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – also known as “DFW”. Fort Worth's rodeos and Old West cowboy culture make it one of the most classic Texas cities in the state. With many affordable neighborhoods and top schools, the city is also a great place for families.

    Notes on population growth:The Dallas-Fort Worth area remains one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States and shows no signs of slowing down.
    Average property price for the listing:267.500 $

  6. Step

    Home to a large US Army military complex, El Paso is considered one of the safest cities in the country. Located in the western part of the state along the Mexico-U.S. Border, the city's strong Mexican heritage and culture is evident in the many local Mexican restaurants and culinary delights.

    Notes on population growth:World Population Review notes that much of El Paso's population growth is due to residents from outlying communities moving into the city's large downtown area.
    Average property price for the listing:181.450 $

  7. Arlington

    Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, the large suburb of Arlington offers residents plenty to see and do. In fact, the city is home to a number of the area's most popular attractions, including Six Flags Over Texas, the International Bowling Museum, and AT&T Stadium. Arlington is also home to the MLB Texas Rangers and the NFL Dallas Cowboys.

    Notes on population growth:Arlington's estimated population has increased 7.5 percent since 2010 and "is on track to surpass 400,000 people," according to the World Population Review.
    Average property price for the listing:255.000 $

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  8. Body of Christ

    Do you dream of beach life? Drive to the seaside town of Corpus Christi. This south Texas city offers over 600 miles of coastline, plenty of sunny weather and a variety of fun activities. Newcomers also find a thriving economy, affordable neighborhoods, and highly rated public schools.

    Notes on population growth:Although surrounding South Texas cities experienced a population boom due to gas and oil drilling, Corpus Christi remained largely unaffected, according to World Population Review.
    Average property price for the listing:220.000 $

  9. Plano

    This big city with a small town feel is one of the best places to live in the country. Plano was named one of America's 25 Happiest and Healthiest Citiespreventionmagazine and earned third place inMoney'sBest Places to Live list. With its excellent schools and safe communities, the Dallas suburb is a popular choice for families with young children.

    Notes on population growth:According to the World Population Review, Plano's population increased "by over 10 percent" between the 2010 and 2016 census estimates.
    Average property price for the listing:375.000 $

  10. Laredo

    This south Texas city, which is on the Mexico-U.S. border, is one of the most historic and culturally diverse cities in the state. Heavily influenced by its neighbor Mexico, Laredo is home to a number of authentic Mexican restaurants and Tex-Mex venues. The city is also home to several attractions, including the San Agustin Plaza and the Museum of the Rio Grande Republic.

    Notes on population growth:Although Laredo's population is growing at a slower rate than in recent years, the city is still experiencing significant growth, World Population Review notes.
    Average property price for the listing:207.000 $

Are you ready to move to one of these cities?

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The 10 Largest Cities in Texas - (3)

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