How to filter pet-friendly properties on Airbnb (2023)

Finding pet-friendly accommodation can be a bit tricky and require extra effort, especially for new Airbnb users.

Traditional travel sites like and Vrbo have a pet-friendly filter that can be easily located by entering your destination and travel dates.

What's more, it is the most searched amenitypet friendlyand usually requires additional costs depending on location and accommodation. Now more than ever, there are tons of pet-friendly Airbnb results available.

Keep in mind that Airbnb rentals for pet-friendly stays in popular cities can be booked up quickly during the holiday and summer months.

When booking your next trip, it's a good idea to bring a dog bed with you and contact Airbnb hosts in advance, even if they're renting pets, as they may have additional fees, house rules, and size restrictions for your furry friend.

Ultimately, things may be different with assistance animals, but it's always a good idea to check.

Here's a yardstick on how to filter Airbnb for pet-friendly!

How to filter pet friendly on the Airbnb mobile app and desktop

Start by entering your destination and travel dates in the search bar on Airbnb. You will then see a category labeled "Pets" under the "Who" section. This will give you an overview of pet-friendly rentals in your area.

Another way to access the pet filter is on the search results page by entering your destination, number of guests and dates. Then find the filters button where you can search for your hot tub by keywords. When the menu pops up, scroll down and find 'Pets Allowed'.

When guests find a pet-friendly property in their location, there should be a "House Rules" section in the Cancellation Policy where users can find additional information such as areas where pets are allowed on property, whether pets can be left at unattended premises, garbage disposal and others.

If there are no pet-friendly properties listed, don't worry! You can always filter by pet-friendly hosts and pet-friendly lodgings directly from their profile page. You can also contact individual hosts to see if their properties are pet-friendly and what pet policies may apply for an additional fee.

When booking pet-friendly accommodation, please consider any pet restrictions or additional costs that may be associated with your stay. Some properties may have restrictions on pet size, type or breed, while others may charge a pet fee.

Airbnb's Pet Policy

Anyone who owns an Airbnb has the option to make it pet-friendly or not. Some hosts are against pets because it creates more work for them when it comes to cleaning up after accidents and pet hair while preparing for regular guests.

Airbnb also does not cover potential damages or cleaning fees for dog hair. If the property accepts pets, they are likely to gain and lose some travelers.

Airbnb owners may have to pay a small investment to their Airbnb if they don't have a lot of money to spend upfront, which may be another reason why they charge an extra fee for a pet.

For Airbnb properties that allow pets, hosts may charge a higher nightly rate because pet-friendly rentals offer a high return on investment.

Property managers who also own pets understand other pet owners better and consider them part of the family. Everything you need to know about the Airbnb fee for pets can be found on the Airbnb website!

What are the pet fees on Airbnb?

Because pet-friendly accommodation is optional, Airbnb does not charge for pets.

Each Airbnb host has control over how much they charge for pets, including how much the cleaning fee covers and any damage to furniture.

In most cases, pet fees only appear after booking.

Before booking a hotel or vacation, read the listing description and contact the host beforehand. Occasionally, hosts collect a pet deposit personally at check-in, which can be refunded after damages are accounted for.

Service animals

For emotional support animals, it may be easier to find pet-friendly accommodations as Airbnb recently updated its pet policy to explicitly include "assistance animals" in the pet-friendly category.

If you have a guide animal, it is important to get confirmation from your host in advance so that they are aware and able to accommodate your needs.

All hosts, regardless of ownership, are required to accept service animals, except in limited health and safety situations.

Hosts cannot charge for service animals, but may charge if the pet causes damage. Guests with assistance animals are covered by Airbnb's anti-discrimination policy.

Some examples of dog policies for Airbnb stays

- Race rules

-Weight restrictions

- Dog barking

-Proof of vaccinations

- Must be kept on a leash in public places

-Owners clean up after their dogs

- Potty trained

-Number of animals

Additional rules may apply in some locations. Keep in mind that Airbnb hosts generally only follow this policy for dogs. However, if you have a cat, contact your host and tell them, as more and more people are allergic to cats.

Violation of animal policy

Dog owners should note that Airbnb hosts have full control over whether their property is pet-friendly.

When guests make a reservation, they must agree to the terms of the offer. However, violating the Airbnb host's pet policy may result in additional fees for the rental property.

Animals that cannot adapt well to new environments in the long run, or are prone to anxiety, are better off going to a caregiver.

Airbnb's ideal pet-friendly features

When browsing through the number of pet-friendly Airbnb listings in and around your destination cities, look for a pet-friendly home that provides a good guest experience and has air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, and pet-friendly facilities.

You also want to check good reviews, cancellation policies, positive experiences, and occupancy.

You can book an entire place or a private room in an ideal location such as Shelter Island, San Antonio and other major cities in the United States that are pet-friendly!

Airbnb's tips for pet-friendly bookings

Typically, travelers will find more options for pet-friendly long-term stays than for short-term stays, as hosts typically charge more to cover any damages caused by pets.

Depending on your destination, if you're bringing your pet, it's ideal to find an Airbnb rental near a natural setting with positive reviews.

Even better if you book a rental near dog parks where yourfurryfriendyou can exercise and have fun. For pets who love water, you can find a property with a nearby beach with free parking. If you can't find a pet-friendly home nearby, look into pet-friendly hotels.

With a little research on the search filter and planning, you can find pet-friendly accommodation with positive reviews that meets your needs and budget for your trip.

Whether you're looking for a pet-friendly hotel or an Airbnb rental, Airbnb is a great resource to help you find the perfect place to stay. With easy search filters and a wide selection of pet-friendly deals, booking your next trip with your furry friends has never been easier!

This is the measure of how to filter for pet friendly on Airbnb!

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