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Swagger & Blade is a traditional barber shop with a rustic feel and modern twist. Owner and Master Barber, Shane Bruno, served a 4 year stint in the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division, Shane formally pursued a career in the Tonsorial Arts. A cool, fun place and atmosphere.



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Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (5)

Michael Steward

14:30 23. June 19

My first time was Saturday. Really good haircut. Excellent attention to detail. I'll be back. Follow my review after my first appointment. I've gone twice since then. Every cut wasexcellent. Jake is friendly, professional and has great attention to detail. I have complete confidence in his ability to keep my hair and beard looking their best.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (6)

Gary Baker

10:54 13. June 19

Visited the Ocean location early in the morning today. Another great cut from Shane. He's an artist. One of the best haircuts I've ever had, which I seem to have a lot to say about latelythe fact that this shop and its barbers are so good. Thank you Swagger & Blade.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (7)

Michael Dransfeld

00:44 20. May 19

Had to deduct a few stars. The price was a bit high for my tax bracket @ $30 for the cut, style and razor; Now they're up to $40 but added a wash to justify the raise. $30 was about mineupper limit, almost a splendor. Great place, top notch talent but lots of other places out there. I have to leave it to the Starbucks crowds to make the big bucks.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (8)

Chris Novak

19:09 08 May 19

The best haircut I've ever gotten. Alex is the man. Very competent hair technician. Prepare to sit for 40-60 minutes as they are very detailed in their work. Worth every penny, come back every 2weeks.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (9)

Chance Sullivan

19:04 17 May 19

By far the best place to get your hair cut. Also LOVE the new laundry service, and you get an extra 15 minutes. The best fade I've ever gotten. Jack is amazing.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (10)

Heather Tilton

15:20 Jul 28 19

My son has extremely thick, coarse, straight hair. Each error is very noticeable. Tommy does a great job and is very patient. My son is autistic and fidgets a lot. But his hair always looks greatwhen we go out Just wish it was a little cheaper.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (11)

Daniel Lang

21:21 14. August 19

I've been here for over a year now and this place is amazing. So much attention to detail in every cut. Great barbers and great atmosphere.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (12)

Ryan Bernardini

23:59 26. August 19

Whatever type of fade you need/want, these guys can do it and they'll get it right. Best hairdresser I've ever been to. Thanks Shane & guys.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (13)

Michael Steward

14:30 23. June 19

My first time was Saturday. Really good haircut. Excellent attention to detail. I'll be back. Follow my review after my first appointment. I've gone twice since then. Every cut wasexcellent. Jake is friendly, professional and has great attention to detail. I have complete confidence in his ability to keep my hair and beard looking their best.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (14)

Michael Wilson

22:20 21. September 19

I've been going here since 2016 and I always recommend it to friends and colleagues who ask where I can get my haircut. These guys are crafters and they're taking it to the next level. You definitely get what you pay for so don't beput off by the price.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (15)

Lorraine Ernest

00:53 11 Oct 19

My son loved this place. He got a great haircut from Dave and wants to make it his new home.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (16)

Lukas Haydu

19:33 18 Oct 19

Swagger and Blade always provides exemplary service, ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ cuts and superior beard care. All barbers are super friendly, extremely passionate and true masters of their craft. The businesshas a great atmosphere and a unique "old school" feel. ๐Ÿ’ˆ I honestly couldn't recommend a better barber shop. Talk about perfection. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ โœ‚๏ธContinue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (17)

Markus Morgan

18:59 17 Oct 19

This place is hands down the best place I have ever been to have any type of hairdressing services. I've sat here with 3 different barbers in the last year and every time they've killed it. I did notCan't get a better haircut anywhere else. From now on I won't go anywhere else. Shane and his crew really know what they are doing.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (18)

Nick DiMaria

12:10 24 Oct 19

Old school hair salon with a modern flair and approach. now my goal. Somehow these men made me look good. if they can...

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (19)

Danny Hernandez

16:51 02 Nov. 19

What a wonderful experience getting my haircut there for the first time and I have to tell you it won't be my last. I am very happy with the way my haircut turned out and a big thank you to WILL for making it happen.!! The best barber I have ever had would recommend him, he knows his stuffContinue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (20)

Jennifer Rosen

21:57 27. November 19

William cut my hair last week. He was phenomenally meticulous and took the time to ensure my haircut was perfect and just how I liked it. I got so many compliments on my cut that I'm going to do itContinue traveling from Brooklyn to AP/Wanamassa just to see William! It was also a pleasure to converse with him. Thanks William, you're the man!!Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (21)

Patrick Mahan Jr

14:25 Feb 15 20

Prices may be high, but this really is a "you get what you pay for" situation. Every time I get in shape, I get numerous compliments on my hair. The hairdressers are all real and the mood is rightThe place is great. Fair warning it's a barber shop, you might hear a few cuddling. Also, you definitely want to book an appointment through their website. They're usually so busy that they don't have too many places open for walk-in customers. Also, Tommy is the best.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (22)

Professional surf coach

14:32 05. Dez. 19

Jack Laird has been my barber since he started at Swagger and Blade. He is very skilled, fast and hilarious. In addition, S&B is not a normal hair salon. It's an immersive experience. I highly recommend them.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (23)

Lisa McGuire

12:50 16. Dez. 19

Going to get my husband a great haircut and get him in shape for Christmas. I love that we can plan ahead and that they stick to it. Thank you Will!!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (24)

Ryan Lilla

18:29 Feb 27 20

Jack never disappoints! Been coming for a long time and every cut is better than the last. These gentlemen are all talented and awesome. There is no please like!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (25)

Tom Jay

15:32 09 Mar 19

I go to Jack, but everyone there really knows what they're doing. I would highly recommend this hotel and I do. You can also easily book an appointment through their website.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (26)

Jesse Gioulis

21:30 03 Jul 19

Been going here for years, quality cut every time.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (27)

Marcus H

17:28 26. June 20

This place is great! cool vibes Great staff. Matt gave me one of the best cuts I've ever had in my life. I will definitely come again

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (28)

Alan R. Davidson

17:42 26. June 20

I'm 76 and with the virus I couldn't get to my favorite place, Swagger and Blade, but as soon as they opened I made an appointment and had my hair and beard trimmed. MyHairdresser (Matt) was great, he wore a mask and also the place was spotless, every piece of equipment was clean and I was very happy.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (29)


18:05 25. June 20

Always a great cut. Jack remembers me every time and I never leave disappointed.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (30)

Joe Hedaya

22:08 Jul 01 20

Got my first post covid haircut here. I had my hair cut by Matt, he was very thorough and precise. Great cut, would definitely recommend!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (31)

Brian Sadowski

23:05 Jul 02 20

I can come to my appointment and my barber was ready to go. He then used every second we planned to cut my hair. No detail has been spared. Many other stores try to get you in and out as quickly as possibleYou can. I appreciate the handyman who takes his time.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (32)

Jonathan Soto

03:39 Jul 22 20

I haven't had my hair cut since before the pandemic. Went to Swagger and Blade for the first time today. My barber name is Matt. Great experience, he even gave me tips about my hair. CoolAtmosphere, hairdressers were super nice and relaxed. I've definitely been looking for a new hairdresser! Would recommend them to anyone wanting a dope cut.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (33)

Tom Jay

02:01 10 Mar 19

I go to Jack, but everyone there really knows what they're doing. I would highly recommend this hotel and I do. You can also easily book an appointment through their website.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (34)

Jesse Gioulis

21:30 03 Jul 19

Been going here for years, quality cut every time.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (35)

Tj Totland

13:55 19. August 20

Always a great haircut here and a great bunch of guys. It's worth the price to look good.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (36)

Vaughn Ton

13:27 21. August 20

I've been going to Swagger & Blade since Shane opened the first location in Wanamassa. Shane and his team are great. They are knowledgeable and Shane is a true artist.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (37)

Gary Hughes

16:06 04 Sep 20

Great haircut by Jack at the Wanamassa shop. Compliance with all health guidelines. We'll see each other again in 6 weeks.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (38)

Michael Florentino

19:23 30. August 20

Great editing... good melodies.... clean.... will be back

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (39)

Andreas Schwartz

16:19 10. September 20

Excellent experience in a welcoming and cool atmosphere.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (40)

Ryan Harrington

01:40 02 Oct 20

I recently had a haircut from Jack at the Wanamassa shop and I couldn't have been happier. The ambiance of the store itself makes me feel like I'm staying in a cozy cabin and the staffmakes me feel like all my friends are there. Jack is undoubtedly a master of his craft. He was attentive to my requests for the style of editing I was going for and added his own suggestions, which are always appreciated. Needless to say I was beyond thrilled with my experience and would highly recommend anyone to book an appointment with Jack!!Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (41)

Rick Cardwell

16:13 08 Oct 20

Obviously the best, freshest cuts from hair to beards, you can't go wrong and it's worth the drive! Trust me I go weekly. Ask for Shane, Tommy or Jack, I know them personally. Simply thePreferably!!!Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (42)

Allen Brewer IV

16:00 11 Oct 20

Nice place. You can't go wrong with any of the barbers. You all do a great job. I've been to both places - each is great. Check out her Instagram to see real photos of her work.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (43)

john bermejo

22:00 18. Nov. 20

Have had haircuts and beard trimmed by almost all barbers and haven't had a bad one. All equally talented and attentive.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (44)

Wilhelm Durr

03:41 13 Dez 20

My son and I just had our hair cut by Jack and as always he did a great job. Great store and a nice bunch of people!! We always have a great experience getting our hair cut there.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (45)

Stefan Money

20:08 10. January 21

Received a mens haircut from Matt, done very professionally. Good polite guy and very impressed with the attention to detail, every hair was perfect!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (46)

Christian Galanti

22:46 23. January 21

Friendly, polite and very professional. Also - very relaxing atmosphere that is hard to come by. The haircut was great too. I will definitely come again.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (47)

Michael Rainiero

18:53 Feb 11 21

Quality haircut, good vibes and friendly atmosphere. All around a great place to get your hair cut.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (48)

B. Kaye

06:30 14 March 21

I highly recommend this shop and will be back. From the moment I walked in I felt like I'd known the whole place forever. Drew knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen. What an amazing experience!ThanksContinue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (49)

Michael Rainiero

13:23 19. April 21

Quality haircut, good vibes and friendly atmosphere. All around a great place to get your hair cut.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (50)

Nicolas Clary

18:19 21. April 21

Josh - "Piney" makes a great cut! I really enjoyed my time there! Best shopping

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (51)

Judy Valanci

00:48 01. May 21

My son has a full beard that needed shaping, Josh did a great job giving him a polished fresh beard trim. The hair salon had a nice atmosphere and we will definitely be back

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (52)

Colin Swift

20:39 01. June 21

Great experience! The guys gave frank feedback on my current hairstyle and suggested how it could be improved... and certainly improved.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (53)

bob corner

16:42 19. June 21

Most barber shops today are about sales - they'll make you look good for a day or two and get you out of your chair in 10-15 minutes. This place is very different. Every barber is a professionalCraftsmen who ensure every hair is cut to the perfect length. They spend 45 minutes with you to ensure your cut looks great for weeks.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (54)

Daniel H. DiLiberto

15:06 23. June 21

Shane, the owner of S&B gave me a nice clean haircut. He always does a great job. This is my third time seeing Shane. I went to their other location outside of Asbury Park which is the OG location. PrettySurroundings, good conversation, great value and service. I'll be back. Thanks again.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (55)

Robert De Petro

13:13 Jul 01 21

My barber is Shane. He always does a great job! The staff and other barbers are all very friendly and welcoming when I'm there. I would recommend Swagger & Blade to everyone! Nice place!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (56)

Kevin Santos

19:07 Jul 21 21

Came in on a random visit to get a slightly impromptu haircut in a different style. The hairdressers here are top notch. Not only did they perfect my look, but the fading and maintenance was fantastic. you really want toProfessional editing that draws attention to you as you live across the room. I highly recommend Swagger & Blade. Your swagger will definitely shine through as a well-groomed gentleman.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (57)

Adam Moskowitz

20:01 21. August 21

Top cut. first class mood. I've been going to barber shops since the early 90's and this place is the best in its class. Rarely does one see an air blower that keeps hair out. very nice to hearSoundtrack of my youth. and they made me laugh. I look forward to returning.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (58)

Grant Kenny

10:11 18. September 21

Great experience, been looking for a good barber for about a year. Joe at the Wanamassa site absolutely killed himself, it felt like home. We will come back in any case.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (59)

Tim Barbier

19:55 07 Oct 21

Swagger & Blade is an experience. In the best possible way! I have been going to Jack's for over 2 years to cut my hair and shape my beard. It's not a rush in and out like I said, it isExperience. Every single barber is a craftsman who takes pride in his work, his tools and his knowledge. I cannot recommend Swagger & Blade enough. It's worth every penny when you feel great, fresh and appreciated.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (60)

Markus Valenciano

23:58 07 Oct 21

You'll be glad you went. . . Very cool place and everyone is a pro. . Josh is the man!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (61)

Dion October

15:02 24. November 21

I haven't had a quality haircut like the one I just got from Swagger & Blade in a long time. Excellent editing, Joe took his time and really pays attention to detail...something that is rare these days! TheThe atmosphere is great too.... Old School Barber Shop Experience, something I've been missing for a long time. Next... face shave! Look forward to something!Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (62)

George Sulich

17:13 02 Dez 21

Shane gave me the best haircut I've had in years. He really took his time and listened to all of my requests. Scheduling an appointment online on the website was easy and quick. Oneto great experience at Swagger & Blade.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (63)

Colin Swift

18:21 22. January 22

Great experience! Evan cuts with great attention to detail and with an eye on achieving long-term hair goals. He also offers honest feedback and ideas on how best to look my thinning hair. AtOn top of that, the smooth booking process and friendly atmosphere in the shop makes me look forward to haircuts instead of dreading them! 5/5 stars; Highly recommended.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (64)

Jeffrey Kniffin

15:24 23. January 22

Amber did a great job, she is very professional. All the crew that day was very professional. S&B is a distinctive 'not your grandfather' style upscale vintage barbershop.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (65)


02:48 12 Feb 22

This was my first time at Swagger&Blade. Amber cut my hair today and gave me a great short haircut! She was great, nice and took her time with me and gave me hair tipsTo ponder. I will definitely be back and would highly recommend Amber! Ann MContinue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (66)

Markus Valenciano

18:28 17. Feb. 22

You'll be glad you went. . . Very cool place and everyone is a pro. .

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (67)

George McAuliffe

17:21 24 Feb 22

Great fun place for a haircut; the team there are true professionals. Joe Sarno is doing a great job!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (68)

Joe Hazley

23:05 Mar 19 22

Amber cut my hair. And it was probably the best haircut I've ever had. wife approved!!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (69)

Jason Witkowski

16:46 14. April 22

Nothing short of the best in this place. Going with both short and very long hair for years. They clearly take their hiring process very seriously as everyone there is obviousis invested in her craft and considers it, at least in part, her art.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (70)

John Bogue

18:48 05. May 22

Friendly staff, great haircut, cool vibe, will definitely be back

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (71)

First Last

13:31 19. June 22

This place is undoubtedly fantastic. I have had a beard for 8 years and I usually grow it and take care of it myself along with my hair. Once or twice a year my beard and hair need a professionalTrim to reset (split/break/transparency) and that's the only place I go. This time I had Amber and she did an excellent job. She took her time and even gave recommendations on what hair/beard style would look best. She was very knowledgeable about all things hair and beard. Sometimes a big beard can be intimidating for some places; not this place. I may not go as often but as little as possible I always go looking and feeling great! Thank you very much!Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (72)

Dan Dwyer

21:38 Jul 06 22

First class from start to finish. Evan is a true perfectionist and master hairdresser. The time he took and his attention to detail were greatly appreciated. Highly recommend for your next cut!!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (73)

card club4

21:29 Jul 27 22

Took my two boys haircuts and Joe and Evan did a fantastic job. Great haircuts, friendly staff, fast service. Very satisfied and definitely recommend!!

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (74)

Sean Settles

19:22 17. August 22

I used to live in the area and go to these guys they are the best around. I'm in town for the week and saw Evan at the hairdresser's yesterday. Had to take a picture of the cut afterwards to show my barber up northhow I want it. They do a great job every time. Great attention to detail. Highly recommended.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (75)

Peter level

17:53 03. September 22

My son and I enjoy our father and son haircuts and shave time. Jack and Evan have become friends in that past and our haur has never looked so good. Thanks.

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (76)

Christoph Horan

18:43 12 Oct 22

Just moved to the shore here full time - needed my diaper goat and a head shave - first time came here and will be back regularly. Amber shaved my head and cleaned my goatee -She was super nice, outstanding professional, did a great job with both. As a bald guy who likes to have his head shaved and can't style my own goat to save my life - I recommend this place and will be back - thanks!Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (77)

Douglas Stivers

22:46 26. November 22

I got my hair cut at Swagger and Blade as it was just a chair in Wanamassa. Every experience I've had at Swagger and Blade has been great no matter who cut meHair. Impeccable attention to detail and precision in everything they do. Find your way to Swagger and Blade, you won't be disappointed.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (78)

Judah Phillips

18:10 02 Dez 22

Friendly and professional service with all the attention to detail, great music and swagger one could wish for in a barber shop! I'm so glad I found this place and I've been a regular sincefirst visit.Continue reading

Boast & Blade (Wanamassa) (79)

Tim McKay

17:21 19 January 23

I've been going to these guys religiously for about 8 years now. They bring back the old school barbershop feel with fresh cuts and most importantly conversations that involve the whole shop! In myopinion, and unfortunately that is a rarity these days. Shane and his crew are polite, professional and very punctual, not to mention they crush it with hair! I highly recommend making an appointment with one of the barbers at one of their shops in Wannamassa or Asbury!Continue reading

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    Mickey ten

    February 16, 2020 at 10:48 am

    First time to Swagger nBlades. Matt did a great job on my hair and beard. Although a customer was waiting for him, he didn't rush me. I will definitely come again!!

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