New York, NY – 10. August 2022 –This fall, AMC Networks unveils a solid slate of captivating dramas, fan-favorite franchises and highly-anticipated movies across its channels and targeted streaming services, including AMC+, AMC, Acorn TV, ALLBLK, HIDIVE, IFC, BBC AMERICA, Shudder, Sundance Now SundanceTV and WE TV.

Highlights from across the suite of networks and targeted streaming services this spring include (in alphabetical and chronological order):

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Eichel TV:

Recipes for love and murder(Acorn TV-Original)

New series premieres Monday, September 5th

Based on Sally Andrew's acclaimed best-selling novels, A Tannie Maria Mystery, this dangerously delicious drama follows an advice columnist (Maria Doyle Kennedy,Outlander, Orphan Black, Kin, die Tudors) who dished up how-to guides and delicious recipes for a small-town newspaper in South Africa's vibrant Karoo region. Things take an unexpected turn when a correspondent who writes to Tannie Maria ("Tante Maria" in Afrikaans) about her abusive husband is found dead. Maria's worlds collide as she begins to come to terms with her own mysterious past to try to solve the case. Maria teams up with Jessie September (newcomer Kylie Fisher), a risk-taking, inexperienced journalist and sometimes rival, to solve the murder and catch the killer - before the local police find more victims. But will they make too many enemies in the process and risk the perpetrator catching them first?Tony Kgoroge(Black Sails, Invictus, Long Walk to Freedom).Recipes for love and murderis produced by Both Worlds Pictures in co-production with M-Net and Acorn Media Enterprises and in association with Pirate Productions and Paradoxal. The co-executive producers are Annie Griffin, director Christiaan Olwagen and Maria Doyle Kennedy. Executive producers are Yolisa Phahle, Nomsa Philiso, Jan du Plessis and Allan Sperling for M-Net; Catherine Mackin and Lesley Pemberton for Acorn Media Enterprises; and Thierry Cassuto and Karen Jeynes for Both Worlds Pictures.

my life is murderSeason 3 (Originally by Acorn TV)

New season premieres Monday, October 10th

Lucy Lawlos(Spartacus, Xena: warrior princess) reprises her beloved role as irrepressible investigator Alexa Crowe in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, with ten new cases each week, in which she faces intriguing, powerful and surprising suspects - from eccentric billionaires to grieving florists and from tango dancers to to fiery fashionistas . The only thing they have in common is that neither of them expected Alexa's unique style of crime solving, but they quickly learn that you underestimate Alexa Crowe at your life is murderis a Greenstone TV production for TVNZ and Acorn TV and DCD Rights Ltd. in association with Network 10. The series is executive produced by Rachel Antony, Claire Tonkin, Lucy Lawless, Harriet Crampton, Nicky Davies Williams, Pilar Perez and Don Klees. and the producer is Mark Beesley.

Doctor MartinSeason 10 (final season) (Acorn TV Exclusive)

Premieres autumn 2022

In this long-running, popular UK seriesmartin clunes(manhunt) plays the grumpy and self-absorbed Dr. Martin Ellingham with a rude bedside manner and a blood phobia. After retiring as GP in the city of Portwenn late last season, Doc Martin is beginning to wonder if he made the right decision in retiring. With his wife Louisa (Caroline Katz), who is pursuing her new career as a child counselor at his old practice, the Doc is literally holding the baby and indulging in his hobby of repairing clocks on the kitchen table. But does he really want his old job back? There are also returnees for the last seasonFrau Eileen Atkinsas Doc Martin's impressive Aunt Ruth,Ian McNeiceas Bert Large andJoe Absolomto Al.

*Acorn TV's full September schedule availableHERE


quietly(ALLBLK Originalserie)

New series premieres Thursday, December 1st

dr Logan has built a successful practice discreetly tending to the lives between the sheets of her rich and famous clientele and publishing the authoritative works on modern relationships and sexuality. With an A-list Rolodex, this "relationship fixer" juggles late-night house calls for dates gone wrong, destroys salacious content before it reaches the gossip columns, and hosts therapeutic couples' retreats for those in dire straits. dr Logan is the gatekeeper of all mysteries, but after starting her "Penthouse Project," three women's deadly secrets threaten their careers and lives when a body is found and police identify them as the prime suspect. With:Happy Drake(P Valley, The Quad, let's stay together);Caryn Ward Ross(ALLBLKsMonogamy, CWsJane the maiden, FOXLucifer, Disney'sLiv and Maddy);Erika Mena(Love & Hip Hop,fear famous,sacrifice);Candiace Dillard Bassett(The real housewives of the Potomac,The Christmas Lottery);T.S. Madison(Zola, the TS Madison experience).

evil city(ALLBLK Originalserie)

New series premieres Thursday, December 1st

Follow five urban witches as they take their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden. While living their best lives in Atlanta, four young, chic, modern-day witches, Jordan Davis, Mona De La Cruz, Angela Harris, and Sherise Baker, meet Camille, a naturally powerful witch who is unaware of her gift is. Camille reluctantly joins the women for a spell, but things take an ominous turn that results in an accidental death. The witches quickly perform a forbidden resurrection spell, but it's too late as a dark, sinister being is brought back from the other side. Now, between their complicated personal lives, unearthed secrets of the past, and trying to defeat a powerful spirit, this coven faces the most perilous journey of their lives. With:Vanessa Bell Calloway(Schamlos);Taylor Polidore(snowfalll);Shaquita Smith(Die Couch);Mercedes McDowell(the inhabitant);Chantal Moritz(P-Tal);Chanel Mack(The harder they fall);Rhonda Mormann(Sister Swap: Christmas in the City);Malika Segan(Lost Souls Cafe.)Columbus course(True to the game) AndRolonda Rochelle(Chicago-Feuer).

snap(ALLBLK Originalserie)

(Video) How Long is a Quibi - This is Only a Test 572 - 10/22/20

New series premieres Thursday, December 22nd

Adapted from Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, this psychological thriller intends to confront difficult social and ethical issues head-on through a unique storytelling method that disrupts conventional wisdom. Co-created by the Grammy-nominated singerEric Benet, and writer and director,Devin Hampton, the anthology series will follow a perfectly imperfect god named "A.O." serving as a "moral compass" for each episode's protagonist. As A.O. encountering a protagonist confronted with an unexpected scenario, he/she/she challenges them to see themselves from the outside and to look inward…which in a “snapshot” will change the beliefs they hold most captured throughout their lives.

*Full September ALLBLK program schedule availableHERE


Pantheon(AMC+ Originalserie; AMC+ / HIDIVE)

The new two-episode series premieres Thursday, September 1 on AMC+ and HIDIVE

Based on a collection of short stories by award-winning author Ken Liu, this animated sci-fi series focuses on a bullied teenager (Kathie Chang) receiving mysterious help from someone online. The stranger soon turns out to be her recently deceased father David (Daniel Dae Kim), whose consciousness was uploaded to the cloud after an experimental destructive brain scan. David is the first of a new breed of being: an "Uploaded Intelligence" or "UI," but he won't be the last as a global conspiracy unfolds that threatens to start a new breed of world war. The voice cast of this speculative sci-fi series includes: Chang, Kim,Paul Dano, Aaron Eckhart, Rosemarie DeWitt, Chris Diamantopoulos, Raza Jeffrey, Ron Livingston, Taylor Schilling, Scoot McNairy, Maude Apatow, William Hurt(in his last role), Corey Stoll, Anika Noni Rose, Michael Kelly,and more. Series Writer/Creator, Showrunner and Executive Producer is Craig Silverstein (TURN: Washingtons Spies, Nikita, Terra Nova), animation is by Titmouse (Motorcity, Big Mouth, Mike Judges Beavis and Butt-Head, The Midnight Gospel, Bless the Harts) and is produced by AMC Studios.

the Walking DeadSeason 11C(AMC / AMC+)

New Season Premieres Sunday, October 2 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC; The first two episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

So the television legacythe Walking Deadbegins its highly anticipated final eight episodes in October. On the heels of the locusts' oppressive presence, an even greater force rests upon every member of every community. With the Commonwealth flags raised at Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside, there's no time to strategize for those on the move. It's a race against the clock to stay alive and extract those still living in the Commonwealth before Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) can carry out his revenge. Within the Commonwealth, Connie's (Lauren Ridloff) Article caused more chaos than planned. By exposing the Miltons (Laila Robbin) corruption, their hope of creating a better, more equal life for all may instead put everyone at risk. With our group's massive debts and no other viable place to live, simply leaving was never an option. But if her next step fails, staying is not an option either. What they are about to do will only create more danger with massive consequences. The clock is ticking for our heroes in the Commonwealth too. As each group continues to fall into uncontrollable situations, threats lurk around every corner, dead and alive. The looming pressure is approaching a day of reckoning for all. Will the sum of their individual journeys add up into one, or will they be divided forever? The fight for a future continues to be fueled by the ominous stray population. Not all will survive, but for some the walking dead live on.

Anne Rices Interview mit The Vampire (AMC / AMC+)

New series premieres Sunday, October 2 at 10pm ET/PT on AMC; The first two episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

A sensual, contemporary reinvention of Anne Rice's revolutionary gothic novel,Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampirefolgt Louis from Pointe du Lac (Jakob Anderson), Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reed) and Claudia's (Bailey Bass) epic tale of love, blood and the perils of immortality, told to journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian). Rubbing the boundaries of black life in 19th-century New Orleans, Louis finds it impossible to resist the daring Lestat De Lioncourt's offer of the ultimate escape: to join him as a vampire mate. But Louis' heady new powers come at a hefty price, and the introduction of Lestat's newest offspring, child vampire Claudia, soon sets her on a decades-long journey of revenge and redemption.

Gangs of LondonStaffel 2 (AMC+ / AMC)

New season premieres November 2022

A new, darker era of chaos and turbulent power struggles comes to London in this critically acclaimed, award-winning original series. A year after the death of Sean Wallace and the violent reckonings of season one, the map and soul of the city have been redrawn - the surviving Wallaces scattered, the Dumanis fractured and estranged, and ex-undercover cop Elliot Finch (Thanks Drisus,People) is now forced to work for the investors. As the investors look down on a city slipping into chaos, they decide enough is enough and call in reinforcements to restore control. Old favorites and new players fight back against the new order, forcing sworn enemies to work together and family members to betray each other. Returning cast includes:Dirisu,Especially Essiedu(i can destroy you),Lucian Msamati(Its dark materials),Michelle Fairley(Game of Thrones),Orli Shuka(save me),Pippa Bennett-Warner(Rent),Brian Vernel(Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens),Narges Rashidi(under the shadow),Asif Raza Mir(Daaman) AndValene Kane(The autumn). The ensemble cast for Season 2 includesWaleed Zuaiter(Baghdad Central),Jasmine Armando,Fady El-Sayed(Baghdad Central),Salem Kali(A prophet) AndAymen Hamdouchi(SAS: Red Note). The award-winning series was created by Gareth Evans and creative partner Matt Flannery. Gangs of London is a Pulse Films production in association with SISTER for Sky Studios and AMC.*AMC+-Original

*Full September AMC+ schedule availableHERE



New series premieres Sunday, November 6: The first two episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

Moodis the highly anticipated debut drama series from the actor, author, and singer-songwriterNicole Lecki, based on her critically acclaimed Royal Court play (Superhacke). In the six-part series, Sasha Clayton (Lecky) dreams of being a great recording artist, but for now she's a bedroom artist: she spends her days smoking weed and stalking her ex-boyfriend (Jordan Duvigneau,My mother Tracy Beaker) on Instagram. When she is kicked out of her family's home for drunkenly trying to burn down her ex's house, Sasha is left homeless and left to fend for herself by couch surfing with local drug dealer Saleem (Mohammed Dalmar). Everything seems to change when she meets and moves in with Instagram influencer and party girl Carly(Lara Peake,Beautiful new world), who introduces her to the exciting world of making money and becoming "famous" on social media. But as the gap between her online presence and her dream of being a singer widens, Sasha struggles to escape this new influencer world that's more complex and darker than she could have imagined.


(Video) James Gunn Tweet Suggests Henry Cavill Was Never Returning As Superman - The John Campea Show

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? IV

New episodes premiere on Thursdays

Intrepid adventurer Bell Cranel has risen just in time for the fourth season of this epic swords-and-spells anime series, but he can't rest on his Dungeoneering laurels just yet. The Hestia Familia still has a long way to go before it can take on the other Familias of Orario - but before Bell can embark on his next mission, reports of a brutal murder rock the adventurer community! One of Bell's trusted allies is accused of a horrific crime, and it's up to Bell and his friends to clear their name and uncover a nefarious conspiracy brewing in the dark depths of the dungeon. The fourth part ofIs it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?Saga is directed by J.C. Staff produces (food wars!). Season 4 is directed by Hideki Tachibana (Armed Girls Machiavellismus) with script supervision of the series by Hideki Shirane (Hayate the Battle Butler) and the original creator of the series, Fujino Omori. The anime is based on Omori's bestselling light novel series of the same name.

My Isekai Life: I gained a second character class and became the world's strongest sage!

New episodes premiere Mondays; Season finale on September 12th

Enter a new world withMy Isekai Life: I gained a second character class and became the world's strongest sage!When the company drone under siege, Yuji Sano (Chiaki Kobayashi,Vinland Saga) is unexpectedly transported to an alternate fantasy realm, he trades the office for adventure to make a living, but a peaceful return to normalcy is nowhere in sight for this unexpected sage. Thanks to a squad of happy slimes, he keeps getting tangled up in major events because his brand new magical powers are unmatched and his mystical potential limitless - but he doesn't even realize it! Based on the light novel series of the same name, this genre-bending fantasy anime series is produced by REVOROOT (FLCL-Alternative) and is directed by Keisuke Kojima (animation director forKill la KillAndOne punch man) with series composition from Naohiro Fukushima (the Garden of Eden of the East). *HIDIVE Exclusive.

Vermeil in Gold: A desperate magician rushes into the magical world next to the strongest catastrophe

New episodes premiere Tuesdays; Season finale on September 20th

Love triangles are hell in this hilariously cheeky fantasy series! Meet Alto (Yuya Hirose,O maidens in your wild season), an unfortunate student at the Royal Ortigia Magic Academy whose academic performance is lacking. Instead of taking the more sane approach of studying to save his grades, Alto calls in some otherworldly support to improve his GPA. Only after the magic dust has settled does he learn that he has hired the legendary she-devil Vermeil as his familiar! But while Vermeil (Maaya Uchida,Love, chunibyo and other delusions!) is a powerful ally who is sure to improve his grades, her magic can only be refilled with a kiss, and this is what wrecks Alto's jealous childhood friend Lilia. Seems like Alto just unleashed a whole new world of fiendish chaosVermeil in Gold: A desperate magician rushes into the magical world next to the strongest catastrophe! Adapted from the manga of the same name published by Square EnixMonthly Shonen GanganMagazine, the series is animated by Staple Entertainment (Val x love) mit Takashi Naoya (real girl) works as a director. Tatsuya Takahashi (Domestic girlfriend) provides a series composition. *HIDIVE Exclusive


Documentary now!season4(IFC / AMC+)

New Season Premieres Wednesday, October 19; The first three episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

The Original Comedy Series by IFC,Documentary now!, returns for the highly anticipated fifty-third season with six all-new, documentary-inspired episodes. Co-designed byFred Armissen,Bill Hader,Seth MeyersAndRhys Thomas, the six-time Emmy®-nominated documentary Now! debuted to rave reviews and quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its insightful take on some of the best-known documentaries. Hosted by Dame Helen Mirren, each episode takes viewers back in time to honor groundbreaking documentaries. The series is executive produced by Lorne Michaels and produced by Broadway Video.

Shermans VitrineSeason 4 (IFC / AMC+)

New Season Premieres Wednesday, October 26; The first two episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

The funny, irreverent and completely originalShermans Vitrinecontains skits, dancers, fake commercials, movie trailers, cultural nostalgia, the funk monster, high-profile guest stars and original songs ("Drop it Low for Jesus", "Marina Del Ray") that definitely climbed the fictional charts. Each episode of the series is moderated bySherman McDanielsas he takes viewers through time, through music and comedy drawn from the 40-year library of a legendary (but fictional) musical variety show.


101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Ever(Shudder / AMC+)

New series Premieres Wednesday, September 7th

In this new eight-episode series from the producers ofEli Roth's horror story, master filmmakers and genre experts celebrate and dissect the most terrifying moments from the greatest horror films ever made, examining how those scenes came about and why they became etched in the minds of viewers around the world.* Shudder original

don't say anything bad(Shudder / AMC+)

New film premieres, Thursday 15 September

(Video) The Return of Star Trek: The Untold Story!

A Danish family makes instant friends with a Dutch family on a holiday in Tuscany. Months later, the Danish couple receive an unexpected invitation to visit the Dutch at their wooden house and decide to go for the weekend. But it doesn't take long before the joy of seeing each other is replaced by misunderstandings. Things start to spiral out of control as it turns out the Dutch are something very different than they pretend to be. The small Danish family now finds themselves trapped in a house they wish they had never set foot in.don't say anything badis led byChristianTafdrup und SterneMorten Burian, Sidsel Siem Koch, Fedja Van Huêt, Karina Smulders, Liva ForsbergAndMarius Damslev.

Rabenhöhle(Shudder / AMC+)

New film premieres Thursday, September 22nd

West Point cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise in upstate New York are drawn into a forgotten community by a gruesome discovery. WithWilliam Moseley, Melanie Zanetti, Callum Woodhouse, Kate Dickie, andDavid Haymann.

Queer with fear(Shudder / AMC+)

New series premieres Friday, September 30

Queer for Fearis a four-part documentary series about the history of the LGBTQ+ community in the genres of horror and thriller. From his literary origins with queer authors Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde to the pansy craze of the 1920s that influenced Universal Monsters and Hitchcock, to the mid-20's alien invasion movies to the vampire movies of the 80's, Queer for Fear examines genre stories through a queer lens, seeing them not as violent, murderous narratives but as survival stories thematically resonating with queer audiences everywhere.* Shudder original

dark glasses(Shudder / AMC+)

New film premieres Thursday October 13th

A serial killer in Rome who hunts prostitutes targets Diana (Illenia Pastorelli). As he pursues her, he causes a car accident, blinding her and killing 10-year-old Chin's entire family. Despite her blindness, Diane decides to take the boy in. But the killer is still at large. Directed byDarius Silber.

V/H/S/99(Shudder / AMC+)

Premiere of the new anthology on Thursday, October 20th

V/H/S/99 marks the return of the infamous found footage anthology franchise. A thirsty teenager's home video leads to a series of chilling revelations. By filmmakersMaggie Levin, Johannes Roberts, Flying Lotus, Tyler MacIntyreAndVanessa & Josef Winter, V/H/S/99 harks back to the last analog punk rock days of VHS and takes a giant leap forward into the hellish new millennium.

*Full Shudder program schedule to be announced shortly.


The secrets she keepsseason 2(SUNDANCE NOW / AMC+)

New season premieres Thursday, September 1st

Two years after Agatha Fyfle (Laura Karmichael,Downton Abbey), kidnapping her baby, explosive secrets become Meghan Shaughnessy (Jessica DeGouw,The Crowns) on a catastrophic and ultimately fatal course, while Agatha's new obsession sees them collide in ways no one would have predicted. More ActorsTod Lasance(Tom Clancy’s Ohne Reue) AndRyan Corr(bloom).

The light in the hall("The light")(SUNDANCE NOW / AMC+)

New series premieres Thursday, September 15

This psychological thriller was filmed in both English and Welsh with a strong castAlexandra Röch(Kill Eva, no offense),Iwan Rheon(Game of Thrones, misfits) AndJoanna Scanlan(After Love, The Larkins.) Following the 2002 disappearance of a 15-year-old girl, Ela Roberts, Joe Pritchard (Rheon) was arrested after her DNA was found in his trailer, and he confessed to her killing, although he did not disclose the whereabouts of her body was is. When news breaks that Joe is being released from prison after 18 years - much to the dismay of Ela's mother (Scanlan), journalist Cat Donato (Roach) decides to return to Llanemlyn to find out the truth about Ela's last one once and for all days to find out for everyone. But will Cat be welcomed back in the town where she grew up? Sharon is also desperately looking for answers and does everything to get them.

The suspect(SUNDANCE NOW / AMC+)

(Video) Harry Potter Cast URGE Fans To Not Play Hogwarts Legacy.. Here's Why

Premiere of the new series on November 3rd

Starring in this five-part thriller based on the best-selling novel by acclaimed crime writer Michael RobothamAidan Turner(Poldark, Leonardo, The Hobbit Trilogy) as Joseph "Joe" O'Loughlin, who seems to have the perfect life -- a beautiful wife, a loving daughter, and a successful career as a clinical psychologist. But nothing can be taken for granted - even the most flawless existence is just a loose thread away from unraveling. All it takes is a murdered girl, a worried young patient, and the biggest lie of his life. Caught in an increasingly complex web of deception, Joe risks everything as he embarks on a quest to find a killer who will lead him into the darkest corners of the human mind. Written by Peter Berry (Gangs of London) and directed by James Strong (Vanity Fair, Broadchurch),The suspectalso stars BAFTA nomineesShaun Parkes(Small ax lost in space),Sian Clifford(Quiz, Fleabag),Camilla Beeput(Save me too, Peep Show) AndAdam James(Watch, Doctor Foster).

*Full September Sundance Now schedule availableHERE


True Crime Story: It could happen here (SUNDANCE TV / AMC+)

New episodes premiere Thursday, September 1; The first two episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

Hosted and Executive Produced by a small town native, lawyer and actressHilarie Burton Morgan(One Tree Hill, The Walking Dead, Friday Night In with The Morgans), the powerful and captivating seriesTrue Crime Story: It couldn't happen herespotlights small-town murders across America that leave questions about whether justice has been fully served. In each episode, Burton Morgan meets with family members and local insiders as she investigates the twists and turns of the case and uncovers the unique challenges of small-town justice.

True Crime Story: Unstoppable(SUNDANCE TV / AMC+)

New episodes premiere Thursday, October 27; The first two episodes are available on AMC+, the following episodes are available a week early on AMC+

InTrue Crime Story: Unstoppable, Oscar nomineeJena Friedmann(The Daily Show)travels across the country to solve real cases on the ground, but unlike most true crime shows, this one doesn't end when the criminal is incarcerated. Jena finds that there is always more to the story and drives to a different ending than the simple crime thriller. With her unflinching comedic perspective and disarming interviewing skills, Jena uncovers the "why" and "how" not only of crime itself, but also of our sometimes dysfunctional criminal justice system.


Love while imprisonedSeason 2 (WEtv Original)

New season premieres Friday, October 21st

The latest and third installment in the series Love After Lockup/Life After Lockup follows even more compelling premieres through the early stages of love, with plenty of romance, suspicion and investigation, all well before a scheduled release from prison. Every non-con artist has a unique strategy for finding love behind bars - whether they're just looking for drug offenders who are assumed to be non-violent or a prison warden pushing a wrongful conviction. Other lonely civilians are simply on the hunt for their own "hot felon" with the model mugshot to prove it. Avid viewers of the franchise expect more drama, more mystery, deceit, catfishing, and more wacky revelations than ever before. Love While Lockup will document the intriguing drama that unfolds when ordinary people first decide to start relationships with inmates and an early dating period filled with very specific unique challenges.

Hip-Hop-Morde(WE tv Original;WE TV / ALLBLK)

New series premieres Thursday, November 3rd

From Executive Producers50 Cent&Mona Scott-Young. hostVan Lathaninvestigates the astonishing number of murders in the hip-hop community. Out ofPop RauchToXXXtentationthe series attempts to uncover the truth behind these shocking crimes. Examining the facts and exploring clues in hopes of finally giving family and fans the answers they're looking for. The streets talked and no one listened...until now.

Cold X Windy(WE tv Original;WE TV / ALLBLK)

New series premieres Thursday, November 3rd

Unveiling the reality behind Chicago's South Side and the street culture that has impacted our entire nation, the original scripted series follows rising hip-hop and drill star Malika (stage name Kold) as she desperately tries to create a better life for her and her son to create Chicago's south side. Her trusted confidant and group member Renee (stage name Windy) is a rapper with a strong commitment to the city streets. With increasing pressure to make music, a troubled past, a new love and her troubled son, Malika is at a crossroads and must decide which path to take. However, best friend Renee does not support Malika's strong desire to change her image and will stop at nothing to prevent it. Will Malika be able to break free from her life of street crime to pursue her music dreams and save her family?Cast: Sh'Kia Augustin(Black Lightning);Nijah Bren(HBA Max: Rap Sh!t);Brely Evans(For the love of Jason, ambitious);Kaya to Brielle(Black Lightning, the Chi);Nur Lucci;Kyanne Muhammad.

About AMC Networks:

AMC Networks (Nasdaq: AMCX) is a global entertainment company known for its popular and critically acclaimed content. Its brands include targeted streaming services AMC+, Acorn TV, Shudder, Sundance Now, ALLBLK and the latest addition to its targeted streaming portfolio, the anime-focused HIDIVE streaming service, in addition to AMC, BBC AMERICA (operated through a joint venture with BBC Studios), IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv and IFC Films. AMC Studios, the company's in-house studio, production and distribution company, is behind some of the biggest titles and brands known to a global audience, including The Walking Dead, Anne Rice's Catalog and Agatha Christie's Library. The Company also operates AMC Networks International, its international programming business, and 25/7 Media, its production services business.

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What new programs are coming on AMC? ›

2022-23 AMC Pilots & Series Orders
  • ANNE RICE'S MAYFAIR WITCHES (Ordered straight to series) ...
  • DEMASCUS (Ordered script-to-series; six episodes) ...
  • THE DRIVER (Ordered straight to series; six episodes) ...
  • INVITATION TO A BONFIRE (Ordered script-to-series; six episodes) ...
  • ISLE OF THE DEAD (Ordered straight to series)

What is the name of the new show on AMC? ›

AMC has revealed the premiere date for its upcoming eight-episode limited series Lucky Hank, starring Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk. The series, set to premiere on March 19, will focus on an English department chairman having a mid-life crisis. Told in the first-person perspective of William Henry Devereaux, Jr.

How long is AMC+ 1.99 deal? ›

7 Day AMC+ Free Trial Via AMC+ Website

Your subscription will auto-renew at $8.99/month or $83.88/year (20% annual saving) after the trial unless canceled. Enjoy this trial in addition to the AMC+ trial on Prime.

What original shows are on AMC+? ›

With AMC+ (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Mayfair Witches (2023– ) TV-MA | 60 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror. ...
  • Fear the Walking Dead (2015–2023) TV-MA | 44 min | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. ...
  • Mad Men (2007–2015) ...
  • Gangs of London (2020– ) ...
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022– ) ...
  • Killing Eve (2018–2022) ...
  • Rogue Agent (2022) ...
  • Anna (II) (2019)

What new programs are coming to Netflix? ›

Popular on Tudum
  • Perfect Match. 2023.
  • Full Swing. 2023.
  • You. 2018.
  • Outer Banks. 2020.
  • Gunther's Millions. 2023.

Is AMC+ replacing AMC premiere? ›

How is AMC+ different from AMC Premiere? AMC+ is a bundle that includes all the benefits of AMC Premiere plus much more: the premier collections of Shudder, Sundance Now, IFC Films Unlimited— plus exclusive series and Ad Free access to acclaimed shows from AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV.

Is AMC plus worth it? ›

Due to the inclusion of movies and shows from IFC, Sundance, and Shudder, AMC+ is one of the better options available when it comes to premium bundles. If you want curated content that comes with a bit of everything, this is a good option to try.

What is the cheapest way to get AMC plus? ›

Subscribing Directly with AMC

The standard monthly cost of AMC+ is $8.99 (plus tax). The standard price for the annual plan is $83.88 (plus tax), which averages to $6.99 monthly. Be sure to check to see if there are any promotional discounts available at the time of your purchase.

Can more than one person watch AMC+ at the same time? ›

Create an AMC+ account. You can now begin watching AMC+ on up to 5 devices at the same time.

How many tvs can you watch AMC+ on? ›

AMC+ allows users up to five simultaneous streams.

Is there anything worth watching on AMC? ›

The 20 Best AMC Series of All Time (and Where to Watch Them)
  • The Little Drummer Girl.
  • Kevin Can F—k Himself. Watch on AMC+ ...
  • Dispatches from Elsewhere. Watch on AMC+ ...
  • TURN: Washington's Spies. Watch on AMC+ ...
  • Into the Badlands. Watch on Netflix. ...
  • The Walking Dead. Watch on Netflix. ...
  • Hell on Wheels. Watch on AMC+ ...
  • Preacher. Watch on Hulu. ...
Oct 27, 2022

Is AMC+ owned by Amazon? ›

AMC+ is an American subscription video on demand streaming service owned by AMC Networks that was launched on June 11, 2020.

What movies are excluded from AMC a list? ›

Films that are eligible for the A-List benefit are standard 2D digital films as well as films in IMAX®, Dolby Cinema®, PRIME, RealD® 3D, BigD® and D-Box. IMAX VR® and special events are not eligible and are excluded from the A-List program.

What is the number 1 best Netflix series? ›

Stranger Things 4

What is the next upcoming series on Netflix 2023? ›

March 2023
  • Sex/Life season 2 (March 2)
  • Next in Fashion season 2 (March 3)
  • You season 4 part 2 (March 9)
  • The Glory part 2 (March 10)
  • Shadow and Bone season 2 (March 16)
  • The Night Agent (March 23)
  • Unstable (March 30)
Feb 2, 2023

What is the 10 most popular series on Netflix? ›

This week's Top 10 includes teen treasure hunters, a mother/daughter drama, and Joe Goldberg's twisty return. Looking for the Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix now?
The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix Right Now
  • The Law According to Lidia Poët.
  • Physical: 100.
  • Red Rose.
  • The Upshaws.
  • New Amsterdam.
  • Perfect Match.
  • Full Swing.
  • You.
3 days ago

How much does it cost to add AMC Plus to Amazon Prime? ›

You can subscribe to AMC Plus as an add-on with these third-party services: Apple TV - $9/month. Amazon Prime Video - $9/month. The Roku Channel - $9/month.

Is AMC free on Roku? ›

The agreement includes the addition of 11 free ad-supported streaming (FAST) channels created and programmed by AMC Networks to The Roku Channel, including an exclusive channel, AMC Showcase, which will feature many of AMC's signature dramas including Mad Men.

Is AMC premiere free if you have AMC? ›

You'll need an existing subscription to AMC through your TV or streaming provider to get AMC Premiere. This makes the service a little more exclusive than many other premium channel subscriptions.

How much does AMC cost with Amazon Prime? ›

You can get AMC+ on Amazon Channels. Like all subscribers, there is a free trial available if you haven't had the app before. After that, you'll need to pay on the monthly subscription price. It costs $8.99 per month for all the content available.

Does Peacock have AMC? ›

AMC Networks Inks Content Deal With NBCUniversal's Peacock Streaming Service. AMC Networks continues to expand distribution beyond the pay-TV ecosystem.

Is Prime movies free with Prime membership? ›

The service is included with a full Amazon Prime membership, and it's also available as a standalone subscription. In addition to all the films and series you get included with your membership, Prime Video also lets subscribers rent or buy more titles for an extra fee.

Is paramount plus or AMC plus better? ›

Winner: For pure affordability, Paramount+ with limited commercials is the cheapest, but for a couple more dollars per month, AMC+ is the better value with ad-free service.

Is AMC+ bundled with anything? ›

AMC+ is a new premium streaming bundle that includes the best of AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV - with full access to Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited. Thousands of hours of incredible content, on demand, all in one place, with new shows and movies added every week.

Is AMC+ on prime the same as AMC+? ›

AMC + Prime Video Channels is the Prime benefit that lets you choose your channels. Only members can add AMC + and 100+ more channels — no cable required.

Does Hulu offer AMC? ›

Watch AMC Network Online | Hulu (Free Trial) New subscribers only. Cancel anytime.

Does Roku have AMC? ›

Included with AMC+

Free Roku Originals, live TV, and all your favorite TV and movies. Sign in to The Roku Channel now!

Is AMC free with Hulu? ›

Unfortunately, AMC isn't available through Hulu Live TV, but they do have some AMC shows available through Hulu's AMC on-demand page. AMC is also unavailable on fuboTV after service dropped the channel at the start of 2023. Read on to discover which streaming service with AMC is the best one for you.

Is AMC plus free with Verizon? ›

If you do not cancel AMC+ by the end of the 12-month offer period, your AMC+ subscription will automatically renew, and you will be billed by Verizon for $8.99/month.

How many Prime users can watch at once? ›

We allow three concurrent streams within the same Amazon account, and up to two simultaneous streams of the same content. For further help on Live Events, please visit the Live Events Help Hub.

Can you watch two movies same day AMC list? ›

You can see multiple movies per day or make reservations for upcoming movies, including all of our premium formats such as Dolby Cinema, RealD® 3D and IMAX®. Not only that, AMC Stubs A-List members also receive benefits of AMC Stubs Premiere complimentary. Was this information helpful?

How many Netflix TVS are allowed at once? ›

The Basic plan, which costs $9.99 per month, allows you to watch Netflix on one screen only. With a Standard subscription for $15.49 a month, you can watch Netflix on two screens at the same time. Those with a Premium Netflix plan, at $19.99 a month, are able to watch Netflix on four screens at once.

Is AMC+ free with cable? ›

Since AMC+ is a premium add-on, you will need a subscription through TV providers such as Comcast Xfinity, Dish, Sling, or DirecTV. You can also subscribe through Apple TV, The Roku Channel, or Amazon Prime on one of their respective devices.

Who owns AMC channel? ›

AMC Networks

What day is the cheapest to go to AMC? ›

AMC Stubs A-List, Premiere and Insider members save EVERY WEEK on tickets to Tuesday showtimes! It's just one of the many perks of being an AMC Stubs member.

Does AMC care about age? ›

AMC Requires Adult Supervision For Guests Under 17 in R-Rated Movies. AMC policies specific to R-Rated titles include children under 6 are not allowed at R-Rated movies after 6pm at any theatre. Guests under 17 must be accompanied by a guardian who is 21 or older. Please be prepared to show ID at the theatre.

Is there anything worth watching on Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Wednesday.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • You.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • Stranger Things.
  • Manifest.
  • Lost in Space.
  • Virgin River.

What is the difference between AMC and prime? ›

PRIME is a premium format with recliners, a larger screen, a laser projector and immersive sound.

What is prime at AMC? ›

Sit back and see the difference in your movie experience with PRIME at AMC. Here, quality comes to life with invigorating sights, sound, and special comfort seating. It's everything you love about AMC-powered up for your enhanced enjoyment.

What is included with the AMC plus on Amazon? ›

Product features
  • Ad-free, On-Demand Programming.
  • Early Access to AMC Originals.
  • AMC+ Original Series and Movies.
  • Curated collections for AMC, TWD Universe, Shudder, Sundance Now, BBC America, IFC Films Unlimited.
  • Full access to LIVE channels with no cable subscription – AMC+, AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV.

Do AMC A-list members get free popcorn refills? ›

Both Insider and Premiere & A-List members get a free refill every time they buy a large popcorn or reusable popcorn bucket! Simply show your virtual card or account number and receipt at the concession stand for your refill.

Do AMC holders get free popcorn? ›

Enjoy core benefits perks like a FREE large popcorn refill every time you visit, Discount Tuesdays and a $5 reward for every 5,000 points you earn. Upgrade to AMC Stubs Premiere or A-List for more.

Does AMC look in your bag? ›

AMC, the nation's second-largest cinema chain, gives theaters managers the discretion to check for bags if they have security concerns, but there is no bag check policy for all theaters, said one person close to the company. AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan said the company does not comment on security measures.

What's coming to AMC Plus 2022? ›

The AMC Plus December 2022 holiday programming includes new comedy Christmas with the Campbells, starring Justin Long and Brittany Snow, Shudder slasher Christmas Bloody Christmas, new Anna Gunn thriller The Apology, and holiday romance Saving Christmas Spirit.

What new fall shows are on AMC 2022? ›

AMC and AMC+ have set their fall 2022 lineup which will include the premieres of the animated series Pantheon and Anne Rice's Interview with The Vampire. The last new episodes of the final season of The Walking Dead will debut in October and Gangs of London returns for its second season in November.

What is coming to AMC Plus July 2022? ›

New AMC+ Exclusive Film premieres continue every Friday in July, including home-invasion thriller Barbarians (July 1), Hollywood whodunnit Last Looks (July 8), romantic comedy-drama Paris, 13th District (July 15), timely award-winning drama Happening (July 22), and Shudder Original shark thriller The Reef: Stalked ( ...

What's new to AMC Plus September 2022? ›

As part of the AMC Plus September 2022 offerings, new movies will debut every Friday, including sci-fi thriller Rubikon (September 2), the revenge-fueled There Are No Saints (September 9), star-studded Spanish-language dramedy Official Competition (September 16), action-packed Section 8 (In Theaters and on AMC+ ...

What is the monthly cost of AMC+? ›

Subscribing Directly with AMC

The standard monthly cost of AMC+ is $8.99 (plus tax). The standard price for the annual plan is $83.88 (plus tax), which averages to $6.99 monthly. Be sure to check to see if there are any promotional discounts available at the time of your purchase.

How many tvs can stream AMC plus? ›

AMC+ allows users up to five simultaneous streams.

What shows are not coming back in the fall of 2022? ›

Canceled TV Shows 2022: Which of Your Favorite Series Are Coming to an End?
  • ABC. black-ish, 8 seasons. ...
  • AMC. The Walking Dead, 11 seasons. ...
  • Apple TV+ Servant, 4 seasons.
  • BBC America. Killing Eve, 4 seasons.
  • CBS. B Positive, 2 seasons. ...
  • The CW. Batwoman, 3 seasons. ...
  • EPIX. Bridge and Tunnel, 2 seasons.
  • FOX. The Big Leap, 1 season.
Dec 3, 2022

What popular shows are returning this fall? ›

The best network TV shows returning this fall
  • "Abbott Elementary" Season 1, now streaming on Hulu. ...
  • "Ghosts" Season 1, now streaming on Paramount+ ...
  • "NCIS" Seasons 1-19, now streaming on Paramount+ ...
  • "NCIS: Hawai'i," now streaming on Paramount+ ...
  • "NCIS: LA," now streaming on Paramount+
Sep 7, 2022

What's coming out in July 2022? ›

The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of July 2022
  • Nope (2022)
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)
  • The Gray Man (2022)
  • DC League of Super-Pets (2022)
  • Where the Crawdads Sing (2022)
Jul 6, 2022

Which movie is releasing in September 2022? ›

9 Bollywood Movies Releasing In September 2022 You Should Watch
  • Brahmastra (Release Date: 9 Sept 2022)
  • Babli Bouncer (Release Date: 23 Sept 2022)
  • Vikram Vedha (Release Date: 30 Sept 2022)
  • Siya (Release Date: 16 Sept 2022)
  • Dhokha (Release Date: 23 Sept 2022)
  • Plan A Plan B (Release date: 30 Sept, 2022)
Sep 29, 2022

What movies will be in theatres september 2022? ›

Best Movies Released September 2022
  • Don't Worry Darling.
  • The Woman King.
  • Brahmastra Part One: Shiva.
  • Avatar.
  • The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales.
  • Smile.
  • Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.

What movies will be in theaters sept 2022? ›

September 2022 is going to be a great month for film fans! Among the new movies in theaters this month are festival favorites like Catherine Called Birdy, Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, Moonage Daydream, and The Woman King, and other exciting releases for lovers of all genres.


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